RTDNA Tells Local Broadcasters ‘Your Work Matters’

By Kevin Eck 

The Radio Television Digital News Association has released its picks for journalists of the year for 2020.

This year it honors groups of journalists, rather than individuals. The RTDNA chose election reporters, fact checkers, consumer reporters and health care journalists for leaning into a challenging year. But it saved the number one spot for local broadcasters.

1. Local broadcasters
2020 was a perfect storm for you, local broadcasters. Amid a global pandemic, fraught election year and overdue racial reckoning, every day brought a new story of a lifetime.


You’ve fought every day to get the latest critical information to your community, despite facing a growing “fake news” troll army with just facts and your microphone.

You faced dual threats of physical danger this year from attacks and arrests (with record numbers reported, primarily related to civil unrest) and COVID-19.

You weren’t daunted by the disruptions of 2020 that had you anchoring and producing at home, doing all your interviews on Zoom and using your significant other, roommate or pet as your photog/field producer/teleprompter holder. In fact, you got back to basics, found new ways to be creative and got your community the information they needed most.

You did it all while supervising your kids’ online schooling, taking care of family and navigating threats to your own health and wellbeing.

Journalists, your work matters. Your work made a difference this year. Your work warmed hearts, educated, informed and saved lives. Be proud of your work, and be persistent.