Rochester Station Offers to Charge Cell Phones Free After Storm Knocks Out Power to Thousands

By Kevin Eck 

Rochester, N.Y. NBC affiliate WHEC is offering to charge viewers’ cell phones after a major storm knocked out power to approximately 125,000 people in the area.

WHEC is reporting power outages lasting more than 24 hours in some areas, while others may be without power for “multiple days.”

“This was a very severe storm that came with extremely high winds and caused extensive damage to our electricity system,” said a spokesperson for National Grid New York. “We remain in close contact with local emergency response teams and local officials as we continue our damage assessment to restoration efforts today.”


The station has a mobile charging station set up at a local Buick dealership. The service is free.

“You can bring as many electronic devices that are in need of charging as you want,” says the station. “We are going to be out here all day for as long as people are at the charging stations.”