Rob Morrison Nearly Arrested for Domestic Violence in January

By Kevin Eck 

Rob Morrison, the former WCBS anchor facing strangulation charges stemming from a weekend dispute with his wife, CBS MoneyWatch anchor Ashley Morrison, was nearly arrested on similar charges in January, according to a report from, working from an incident report, said police in Darien, CT, were called by Rob Morrison on January 19 about a domestic violence incident that happened five days earlier.

The incident report details Morrison throwing his wife to the ground, physically preventing her from calling police and using his arm to choke her from behind after she asked him to stop videotaping her with his cellphone.

When Ashley Morrison was told police were planning to arrest her husband, she retracted her story, telling officers she had exaggerated the description of the incident and he had not tried to choke her. She also said she wasn’t sure if her husband had thrown her to the ground or if she had fallen.

She later told officers Morrison may have stopped her from using the phone to call for help, “so she would not bring unnecessary attention to their problems by getting the police involved.”

The report stated both Morrison and his wife admitted to officers they had been drinking at the time of the incident and when they were giving the statement on January 19.

Darien Police Captain Fred Komm told “An arrest warrant application was submitted, but the state’s attorney’s office denied the application, citing prosecutorial discretion.”

You can view the entire article with portions of the police report by clicking here.