Rita Andolsen Stepping Down as WKYC News Director

By Andrew Gauthier 

Rita Andolsen is leaving her news director post at WKYC to become the station’s director of advocacy and community initiatives, a newly created position.

The Plain Dealer reports that Andolsen got married earlier this year and, returning from a delayed honeymoon on Monday, she informed WKYC president and general manager Brooke Spectorasky that she wanted the new job.

“This was completely Rita’s decision,” Spectorasky told The Plain Dealer.  “This is a job that that fits her like a glove. She is so wired into the community and highly respected. She sees a real opportunity here for the station and herself. I created this position about five weeks ago, and Rita hinted then that she thought it was really cool job.”


Andolsen has been with WKYC since 2000.  She served as producer, executive producer, and assistant news director before taking over as news director five years ago.

In her new role at the Gannett station, Andolsen will be responsible for designing and implementing advocacy projects and forging community partnerships.

“For 12 years, I’ve helped present the daily struggles and challenges of Northeast Ohio,” Andolsen said, announcing the change.  “Now I have a chance to take all I’ve learned and create projects and partnerships that can make things better for our communities. While local television has always had the power to shine a light on the issues, we now have multiple platforms to create support and exposure for worthy endeavors. We can be a catalyst for real change.”

She is set to start her new position in early summer.  WKYC will soon begin searching for her successor.

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