Rick Springfield Photobombs WSYR Reporter

By Mark Joyella 

If this had happened in 1981, WSYR reporter Jeff Kulikowsky would probably be sitting down with “Entertainment Tonight” to talk about his amazing brush with superstardom. Alas, it’s more than thirty years since “Jessie’s Girl” was the biggest song on Earth. But still. He got photobombed by Rick Springfield.

In case you haven’t been following the now-65-year-old Springfield’s career, he’s been on trial–accused of injuring a fan with his buttocks when he allegedly fell on her during a concert in 2004. The jury decided the case for Springfield, and in a courtroom hallway, he decided to have some fun while Kulikowsky was shooting a tease. Seriously, Jeff, in the 80’s, this would have been a very big deal for you.