Retiring Dallas Meteorologist Reflects on His Career

By Andrew Gauthier 

Dallas Morning News

In conversation, Mike Burger laughs so heartily and frequently that it can be almost incongruous to hear about him going through a stressful time. As the longtime weather forecaster for KTVT-TV (Channel 11) and KTXA-TV (Channel 21) talks about what led him to retire from a 40-year career in broadcasting, he turns contemplative and serious.

“My longtime girlfriend’s mother passed away, and it was very hard on her,” says Burger, who will do his last broadcast during tonight’s CBS 11 News at 10. “So I did a lot of the arrangements. Probably got involved in that funeral more than any other, including my parents’ … When we got to the end of the service, I looked at the casket and said to myself, ‘What are you doing?’ ” More…