Reporter Used Watchdog Story to Promote Boyfriend’s PR Services

By Andrew Gauthier 

Las Vegas Sun

In March, KTNV-TV, Channel 13 news aired a series of undercover exposes on Tire Works–a Las Vegas auto repair chain the ABC affiliate reported was ripping off consumers.

Days before the first Tire Works segment aired, recorded phone calls obtained by the Sun reveal, Channel 13 news anchor Nina Radetich was telling the Tire Works owner that her boyfriend could help the company handle media relations to counter the negative coverage coming from her newsroom.


Radetich, who introduced a number of the auto repair sting segments during news broadcasts, was also recorded asking Tire Works owner Roshie Weightman to keep their conversations secret.

The recorded call opens with idle chitchat between the two women, which is cut short when Weightman asks Radetich for her boyfriend’s phone number again, indicating this is one of several phone calls between the two. More…