Reporter Sues KMOV Over Withdrawn Job Offer

By Andrew Gauthier 

Melanie Streeper was preparing to start her new job as traffic reporter with KMOV when she learned that the job no longer existed.  And now she’s suing the St. Louis CBS-affiliate for breach of contract.

According to, Streeper filed suit in St. Louis Circuit Court this week and is seeking a judgment “in excess of $82,000.”  Included in the court documents is a letter from KMOV news director Sean McLaughlin that includes the line “I am pleased to offer you the position of traffic reporter for KMOV.”

McLaughlin tells that there “was never a signed contract.”

Streeper apparently had a traffic reporter job in California when she received the job offer from KMOV so she picked up and moved to St. Louis, where she previously worked at KPLR.


In the letter from McLaughlin, the station offered to reimburse Streeper for moving expenses up to $2,000. The letter also says the position was part-time, that she would work 30 hours a week, be paid $25.70 an hour and be eligible for some benefits. It also stipulated that the start date was flexible but must be before Sept. 1.

Besides insisting that there was not a signed contract, McLaughlin has declined to comment on the lawsuit.