Reporter Says She Didn’t Tell Player Not to Look in the Camera

By Kevin Eck 

After seeing smitten high school basketball player Samm Jones attribute his creepy love stare to being told not to look in the camera, KSTC sideline reporter Allie Arlt said she had to set the record straight.

“I didn’t tell him to look at the camera but I also didn’t tell him to stare straight through my soul,” Arlt told the New York Daily News.

Jones was caught on camera staring intensely at Arlt while she was interviewing his coach. Arlt said she didn’t know her post game interview featuring the staring Jones went viral until she checked her phone later.

“I grabbed my phone and I had a text message from a friend of mine from high school who I probably haven’t spoken to for six years. He said, ‘You’re all over the Internet,” she said.