Reporter Remembers the Bison That Helped His Career

By Kevin Eck 

Deion Broxton is reminding viewers that you can take the reporter out of Baltimore, but you can’t take the Baltimore out of the reporter.

Broxton re-posted a video from last year, when he was an MMJ for KECI in Bozeman, Mont. In the video, he “nopes” out of a stand-up and tells a herd of Yellowstone Park’s Bison he “isn’t messing” with them. That video has nearly 400,000 likes on Twitter.

“A year later. I get tired of talking about this video,” Broxton wrote. “But it’s a reminder of my journey. I couldn’t get a job on TV because of my hood/Baltimore accent. I spent thousands on a speech coach.”


The story has a happy ending for Broxton. He now works for KGAN in Iowa, a state with far fewer Bison roaming around. And just this week he found out he won an award from the Iowa Broadcast News Association.