Reporter on Festival Organizer Who Sent Him Viral: ‘I Need to Send Her a Thank You Card’

By Mark Joyella 

pumpkin-fest-reporter1The young reporter who fought for his right to report from the Keene Pumpkin Festival knows the woman who tried to snatch the microphone out of his hand on live TV did him a favor, sending his video viral. “Yeah, I really need to send her a thank you card,” Jared Goodell, 22, told a Boston radio show host Monday.

Goodell, who was volunteering his time to cover the festival for a local public access channel, said he never anticipated either the rioting that led police to swarm the event, or the viral video. “It’s pretty much carved pumpkins, and kids walking around with their costumes, and yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

Goodell’s instinct to shift his reporting from pumpkin carving to public safety, however, was not warmly received by the event’s organizer, who rushed Goodell. “Ruth Sterling comes storming onto the set, literally wrestling me for my microphone.”

Listen to the entire interview, after the jump.