Reporter Asks Strangers to Help Fund His Move to Huntsville

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

One reporter is asking strangers for help to pay for the move to his next market.

Elijah Baker is currently reporting and anchoring in Alpena, Mich. He is making the move to WHNT in Huntsville, Ala. but says he can’t do it without raising money.

“I have told countless stories in Alpena, MI, which was my first TV market after graduating college. While working there, I got my feet wet and met some dope friends. God blessed you to help me move the first time, but now I am in need of your help to move again. I’l be starting my new adventure as a reporter for WHNT in Huntsville, Alabama. Due to cost of living out there, I estimated that I would need around $3,000 to help make the transition easier to my new home,” Baker said on his GoFundMe page.


Baker says he has lived with a fold-out bed for the past two years and is ready to buy a “real bed.”

He has raised $1,000 so far after making a call for the cash on his social media platforms.

You can see his GoFundMe page here.