Reporter Amy Buckman Leaving Philadelphia’s WPVI After 25 Years

By Aneya Fernando 

static.squarespaceAfter 25 years, “Saving with 6ABC” reporter Amy Buckman is leaving Philadelphia ABC-owned station WPVI. According to, Buckman started at the station as a producer in 1989.

Buckman told Philly Daily News writer Molly Eichel that WPVI offered her another contract, but she declined, wanting to spend more time with her family:

“My husband, Terry, is very supportive of my decision and I’m already enjoying spending weekends at home and being able to watch my youngest son’s sporting events,” she said.


As for what Buckman will do next, the consumer reporter says she will be taking some much needed time off before possibly returning to work, if the right opportunity presents itself:

“In the meantime, I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Thanksgiving (though I will watch the parade on TV!) and sipping hot chocolate on my couch during our first winter snowstorm,” she said.