Rentrak Promotes Value of ‘Stickiness Index’

By Andrew Gauthier 


Rentrak’s “Stickiness Index” has been in operation for about six months, and the company says it continues to reveal value in TV shows not always pegged to traditional measures.

“We think it’s a fair metric — and allows you to look at a show beyond just high ratings,” says Bruce Goerlich, chief research officer of Rentrak, who devised the measuring service last fall.

“One of the things I saw on the agency side was that engagement has some value. That the longer a person watched a program, even when controlling for exposure, the more likely they would recall the commercials,” he said. “That’s what ‘stickiness’ is: It’s the percent of a program watched on an index basis.”

Rentrak’s “Stickiness Index” measures stickiness on a second-by-second basis. More…