Reflecting on Her Dog Bite Injuries, Kyle Dyer: ‘In This Business What You Look Like Is a Lot’

By Andrew Gauthier 

In addition to sitting down with KUSA this week to talk about her recovery from an on-air dog bite, anchor Kyle Dyer did an on-camera interview with the Denver Post.

While she was candid about the incident in her interview with her KUSA co-anchor Gary Shapiro, she appears more at-ease, and is more reflective, in the Denver Post interview, even at one point joking about the incident: “We all think we know how to pet a dog, but we don’t.  I don’t, obviously.”

An anchor with KUSA since 1996, Dyer also spoke about how the facial injuries she suffered could affect her career on TV (video inside).


“In this business, yes, what you look like is a lot,” Dyer said.  “What this whole experience has taught me is that it’s more than that.  It may seem like a superficial business but to the people out there in Colorado are not superficial, the way they’re reached out to me and made me know ‘You’re beautiful inside and out,’ and all that.”

[Via Denver Post]