Redding Station Sorry for Cutting Off American Idol Finale

By Kevin Eck 

Bonten Media’s Redding ABC affiliate KRCR which operates FOX affiliate KCVU is apologizing to viewers today since they never found out who won American Idol.

Viewers of the Redding FOX affiliate saw Ryan Seacrest toss to the final break saying, “On the other side, find out: Is it going to be Clark or Nick? Someone’s life is about to change right after this.” Instead, on the other side, viewers saw Allison Woods and Evan Schreiber start off the KRCR 10:00 p.m. news.

KRCR says a “miscommunication” accidentally chopped off the end of the show. The station promises never to do it again, which they can say with a degree of confidence, since Idol only has one more season to go.