Recession Dims the Glow at WGBH

By Andrew Gauthier 

Boston Globe

Just two years ago, WGBH celebrated the opening of an $85 million state-of-the-art headquarters that symbolized its self-described status as a “public media powerhouse.”

Today, the nonprofit is coming to grips with the economic realities of operating radio and television stations in a recession. While WGBH produces some of the Public Broadcasting Service’s marquee programming, including “Frontline,” “Nova,” and “Antiques Roadshow,” it must trim about $7 million from its budget this year. That means layoffs, wage freezes, and unpaid furloughs.

” We’re making a lot of difficult choices,” said chief executive Jonathan C. Abbott.

The health of WGBH, which started in 1951, is especially important to PBS. The network depends on the station for over a third of its prime-time TV lineup. More…