Raleigh Stations Swapping Networks

By Kevin Eck 

Raleigh, N.C. CBS affiliate WRAL will soon be Raleigh, N.C. NBC affiliate WRAL, and NBC affiliate WNCN will be CBS affiliate WNCN on February 29.

“This was not an easy decision,” said Jim Goodmon, president and chief executive of WRAL’s owner Capitol Broadcasting, Co. “It came down to the question, ‘What network do we believe is best positioned for the future of local broadcasting?’ It is clear to us that NBC understands the value that local affiliates bring to the entire network relationship.”

“CBS has been a longstanding and valued partner for many years, and we are pleased to build upon our relationship with a new affiliation in Raleigh,” Vincent L. Sadusky, Media General’s President and CEO said about the WNCN affiliation swap. “We are particularly excited about the opportunities this brings to our station and the high-quality network programming that complements our strong local news and unique local content.”


WRAL started as an NBC affiliate in 1956. It switched to ABC in 1962 and became a CBS affiliate in 1985.