Raccoon Finds Temporary Home at Houston Fox Station

By Kevin Eck 

Houston Fox owned station KRIV had a masked visitor that was likely only interested in a warm place to sleep and whatever was in the trash.

Last week, morning anchor Sally MacDonald wrote on social media that she saw the saw a raccoon at 2:30 a.m. when she showed up for work.

“One of our editors saw it first,” MacDonald said. “It’s still not caught. It seems nice. But who should we nominate to trap it? We are thinking John Dawson Fox 26.”


Houston media blogger Mike McGuff first wrote about the visitor, also known as a trash panda.

By Tuesday, MacDonald reported that a professional trapper had captured the raccoon and will release it in Conroe, Texas.

Reporter Damali Keith posted that it was a 6-month-old baby raccoon.