Quad Cities Meteorologist Shares Story About Concussion

By Kevin Eck 

WQAD anchor Eric Sorensen was back on air this morning. He’d been dealing with something you normally hear being diagnosed in NFL or NHL players, not TV meteorologists. He had a concussion.

Sorensen told viewers on his station blog he’s still suffering from lingering effects: he has trouble getting words out and some brain fog. He also says the diagnosis surprised him, even after banging his head a couple of times in the last two weeks and at one point not being able to talk or stand up.

I had no idea that concussions could last so long! I thought you get concussions and then they go away in a few minutes or hours. I was totally shocked when my doctor told me that they can last 4-6 weeks before going away. And I never had any idea that they could be this serious, or that you could bump your head and make things worse. Had I known all of this, I would’ve gone to the doctor a while back…and protected my head more.


On his blog, the ABC affiliate’s meteorologist writes it all started when he fell on his stairs. “I didn’t think anything of it since I’ve fallen quite a few times in my day and this time I landed on my “extra padding.” But the jarring gave me a low-intensity headache.”

Fast-forward to Sunday morning when I was setting up a new wire crate for my dog. I hit the back of my head on the top of the cage and saw stars. Within a few minutes my vision got blurry and I ended up on the floor again. This time I was disoriented and had a hard time talking. Thankfully, I don’t live alone and got a quick ride to the hospital.

Sorensen also says his journey should serve as a gentle warning to viewers.

But if I can share any advice at all about this: if you ever have an issue with a possible concussion, please get some help.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you don’t feel right in the head.