Prevent Aging Before You Get Wrinkles Say Skin Care Experts At BellaVei

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Contrary to popular belief, BellaVei skincare says that anti-aging practices should begin in your 20s.
Dermatologists say that skin looks more youthful and radiant in your 20s and requires a minimal number of products for a healthy, natural glow. According to dermatologist Maritza Perez, “Aging is a chronological process. When we are in our 20s, our skin is plump, lustrous, healthy and resilient. Your skin is very elastic so if you pinch yourself it bounces right back. As you age, you stop producing collagen, elastin and proteoglycans and glucosaminoglycans.”

But there are still a lot of misconceptions about caring for your skin in your 20s. Many women think that if they don’t see a problem, there is nothing to address. The fact that many anti-aging products are targeted to women over 40 doesn’t help. BellaVei contends that by the time signs of aging show up on your face, the damage has already been done.
New York-based dermatologist Anne Chapas, Director of Union Square Laser Dermatology, says this is a huge mistake. “It’s never too soon to be proactive about taking care of your skin,” says Chapas. “I truly believe that the health habits that begin in the 20s can make a big difference in the skin health and appearance later in life.”
Although women in their 20s face a raft of dermatological issues, from acne to the first signs of aging, Chapas says that one of the most important things is the need to stick to a skin care regimen. Once that regimen is set in place, you can ensure much younger-looking skin in the years ahead.
Chapas recommends an all-day skin care regimen for women in their 20s. She says to start the day with a gentle cleanser. Cleansers, like the BellaVei Face Cleanser, are used to remove dirt and oil on the skin, but they should not be abrasive. She suggests a fragrance-free morning face wash with moisturizer as a perfect solution.
Next, Chapas says to invest in a good, overall eye cream, as crow’s feet around the eyes tend to be one of the first signs of aging. Eye creams like BellaVei Advanced Eye Treatment slow down this aging process.
A moisturizer with sunscreen is the most important part of the regimen, says Chapas. Recent studies have shown a 50 percent reduction in the development of melanoma for women who wear facial sunscreen daily. A moisturizer with SPF30 or higher is recommended, as it blocks both UVA and UVB rays.
This mirrors the opinion of board-certified dermatologist and author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman. Jaliman says that skipping sunscreen is the number one cause of skin aging in 20-somethings. “People say it’s so time consuming, but really just like you brush your teeth every day — that’s 30 seconds,” says Jaliman. She recommends the use of SPF 30 (or higher) sunscreen every day, to prevent sun damage. She also says that as the hands and neck are also always exposed, that one should apply sunscreen to these areas too.
Dr. Chapas advises that women remove all of their makeup every night, without exception. Makeup can clog pores and lead to acne. Finally, Chapas instructs that cleanser should be used again at night, before bed. Your skin does most of its repair work at night, so it’s really important to make sure it is thoroughly clean.
Chapas also recommends exfoliating several times per week to remove any dead skin cells, leaving you with healthier looking skin.
BellaVei notes that a woman’s lifestyle in her 20s can also adversely affect the aging process. Dr. Jaliman says that no matter what you kind of regimen you use, you are still aging, but there are some other factors to take into account.
“You’re going to lose collagen and elastic tissue, so your skin is going to get saggier,” says Jaliman. “Your skin is going to get rougher, and the pigment isn’t going to be as even. Also, all those things get worse with sun damage.”
Smoking, she says is the one of the worst skin habits amongst those in their 20s. It restricts the blood supply to the skin, making aging more obvious, and each time you inhale, you are causing wrinkles around your lips.
Jaliman also advises that while a hot shower can be relaxing, the heat is actually drying to your hair and skin. She recommends reducing shower temperature to a more moderate one to lock in moisture. “You have half as much hair at 40 than you do at 20,” she explains. “Hair becomes dryer, more brittle, and is not as shiny and resilient.” So, you’ll need all the moisture you can get. It’s also a good idea to wash hair less often as we age to preserve the natural oils on the scalp, which decrease with age, too.
Skin care in your 20s is something that is often glossed over, due to the exuberance of youth, but BellaVei skincare believes that with a little education, twentysomethings can realize its benefits and cost-effectiveness.