President Spends Valentine’s Day with Local Stations

By Andrew Gauthier 

President Obama spent his afternoon Tuesday sitting down for interviews with a handful of local stations–an activity that has become a regular part of the President’s schedule.

Those asking questions on Tuesday included WAGA‘s Amanda Davis, KLAS‘s Paula Francis, WFLA‘s Keith Cate, and WBTV‘s Paul Cameron.


President Obama’s interview with Cameron had special significance since the Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte later this year.

“I’ve just fallen in love with North Carolina,” the President told Cameron. “I’ve said last time I was down there, even the folks who don’t vote for me are nice to me.”

Beyond complimenting North Carolina, President Obama also spoke with Cameron about his changing view of Super PACs.

“My strong preference would be to completely eliminate the super PAC process,” Obama said, “but we’re not just going to let a whole bunch of folks who are self interested and aren’t always disclosing what their contributions are, to simply purchase an election.”

The Republican National Convention is set to be held in Tampa Bay so, in his interview with the President, WFLA’s Keith Cate asked Obama to pick his preferred opponent in the general election.

Dodging the question, the President said, “I hope they spend a lot of money in Tampa while they’re there and create some good business for folks.”

Here’s Cate’s interview with the President…

WAGA: Amanda Davis’s interview

KLAS: Paula Francis’s interview

WBTV: Paul Cameron’s interview