Portland Station Takes Day Off for Trauma and Stress Seminar

By Kevin Eck 

Portland, Ore. ABC affiliate KATU took what amounted to a mental health day this morning.

According to station photojournalist Mike Warner, the station canceled its morning and afternoon newscasts because its employees were taking a seminar to help journalists cope with on-the-job stress and trauma.

“In almost 25 years as a photojournalist, I’ve never seen a newsroom do this,” said Warner in a thread. ” But it’s been a crazy time filled with a raging pandemic, out of control violence, political unrest, riots, and ongoing death & destruction. Personally speaking, seeing bodies daily gets to you #stress.”


Warner said a team from the Poynter Institute is putting on the seminar for the whole team.

“It’s hard for us news folks to just stop,” said Warner. “But I am grateful for a company and managers who care about our mental health and well being. We’ll still be keeping an eye on things, just taking a day to feel better. Thanks for watching, see ya Tuesday! #LiveOnK2 #stresstostrength.”

We asked the station news director about it, but haven’t heard back.

Here’s Warner’s thread about it: