Portland Reporter Says He Was One of Many Laid Off by Sinclair on Wednesday

By Kevin Eck 

When station groups announce layoffs, we often focus on numbers and percentages rather than the names of the people let go and how their balance sheet might be affected by the loss of income.

KATU reporter and anchor Brian Wood let people know he was one of the nearly 460 people who lost their jobs when Sinclair announced its reduction in force on Wednesday.

“I was let go today ‘for business reasons’ according to management,” Wood wrote on Facebook. “I appreciate all your support over the past dozen or so years. Since I won’t be able to respond to your individual messages and comments, I encourage you to share your thoughts through the KATU News Facebook page. I wish you all the best.”


He started his career in 1981 at KLAS in Las Vegas and quickly moved to Seattle to work at KIRO for 19 years before joining WMAR in Baltimore. He started working at KATU in 2008.

The Oregonian found station photojournalist Ric Peavyhouse, who kept his job, but didn’t forget those less fortunate. “We just had a round of layoffs today and I’m a bit lost for words,” Peavyhouse wrote on Twitter. “I still have a job but eight of my colleagues are out. So feel free to pass along any jobs you see for photogs, producers, writers, and reporters.”

At least a couple of folks reached out to help those affected by posting job openings in reply to Peavyhouse’s tweet.