Poll Results: Would You Turn Over Footage Without a Subpoena?

By Kevin Eck 

keytlogoThe results are in from Friday’s double poll. First, we asked if you’d turn over footage your station shot without being forced to do so.

The poll came about after Santa Barbara ABC station KEYT shot riot footage and gave it to the county sheriff without a subpoena.

For the question: Would You Give Police Riot Footage Without Subpoena? A majority of the 280 responders said they disagreed with the station’s actions.

  • NO     67%
  • YES    32%
  • Other 1%

Jim Romenesko who first told the story also pointed out the reporter and the anchor on the desk reporting the story have ties to law enforcement. Reporter Victoria Sanchez’ father is the Santa Barbara Chief of Police and anchor Paula Lopez is married to a county judge.

For the question: Should Sanchez and Lopez Reveal Their Ties to Law Enforcement When Reporting on Crime? 66 percent of the 92 people who voted think the two should reveal their ties.

  • YES    66%
  • NO      28%
  • Other 5%

As a point of clarification, the footage was handed over to the county sheriff and not the city police. In California, the sheriff’s department has jurisdiction over unincorporated areas and the county which minimizes Sanchez’s conflict of interest.