Police Investigate Fargo Reporter After Hidden Camera Story About School Security

By Kevin Eck 

Police from two separate cities are investigating KVLY-KXJB reporter Mellaney Moore after the station aired her hidden camera story about local school security.

According to Moore’s story, she entered three schools, one in West Fargo, one in Fargo and one in Moorhead, MN, to test school security. “She had a hidden camera and was not stopped by any school official.”

The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead reports police in Moorhead, MN, and West Fargo are now looking into whether she should face charges. “The concern we had was that they were specifically doing something that wasn’t lawful,” Moorhead police Lt. Tory Jacobson told The Forum.


>UPDATE: KVLY-KXJB news director Ike Walker told TVSpy his station has not been contacted by West Fargo police yet, but the station intends to reach out to them today. He also said he thinks the investigations are “a sideshow” to hide the real problem of lax security in area schools and the station intends to aggressively fight any charges that may result from the investigations.

Both the West Fargo and Fargo schools have clearly posted signs directing visitors to the main office. The Forum said the Fargo school sign reads, “Welcome to our school. During regularly scheduled classes, all visitors must register at the main office. Failure to do so is a Class B misdemeanor and a violation of Fargo municipal code 10-0320.”

Ike Walker, news director for the NBC and CBS affiliate told The Forum he stands by the story despite saying the station was not aware of the laws prohibiting access to schools.

Moore told viewers her story did not get the reaction she expected, “Despite repeated calls to Moorhead schools we have yet to hear from them about why the doors to their school were unlocked. Instead, late today Valley News Live did talk to someone in Moorhead city government- A police detective contacted us to investigate a Moorhead school complaint of trespassing against Valley News Live.”

Fargo AM radio station KFGO has reported, Fargo police have discussed the matter with school officials and the city attorney but have not opened a formal investigation.