Pittsburgh Reporter Vows to Fight Cancer ‘Like a Mother’

By Kevin Eck 

“Why would God give a news reporter breast cancer if she wasn’t meant to spread awareness and use this little platform I have to try and make a difference?”

That’s what WPXI reporter Cara Sapida, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer last  year, said during an interview with the Pittsburgh NBC station’s Jennifer Tomazic.

Sapida has been off the air for eight months since her diagnosis, and she told Tomazic that she felt she could “either go silent on TV and from social media for months or share her journey.” She chose to be open about her experience.


“OK, this week I’m going to share my bald head,” said Sapida. “This week I’m going to share the story of how I did it.”

In January, Sapida got the news she was cancer-free, but she continues to tell her story, using the hashtag #FightLikeAMother.

WPXI says it has become Sapida’s mantra. It’s also the cornerstone of a poem she wrote, titled “Oh, The Places You’ll Go Fighting Cancer.” Click here to read the poem.