Phoenix Reporter Finishes Nine-Day Jail Sentence

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KPNX reporter Bryan West was arrested over the summer on DUI charges.

Now, the Phoenix New Times is reporting that West is set to be released from jail today after serving a nine-day sentence.

According to police reports, West was driving through a McDonald’s drive-thru when he rammed into another car then sped off, eluding police. He was later accused of leaving the parking lot and leading police on a chase nearly hitting a woman a bike. West finally stopped and jumped out of the car.

He blew at .239 blood alcohol level before being booked.

West was sentenced to immediate jail time was sentenced to two years probation plus $3,000 in penalties.

His bio has been removed from the Tegna station’s website. He has also not been on the air since his arrest.