Posts Naked Photo of John Bolaris’ Fiancée, Blames ‘production glitch’

By Merrill Knox 

Former Philadelphia meteorologist John Bolaris is making headlines again after his fiancée, former Playboy model Erica Smitheman, took control of his Twitter account Sunday.

Philadelphia Daily NewsDan Gross, who frequently reports on the more sordid details of Bolaris’ escapades, reached out to Smitheman for comment:

“I am tweeting, he is sleeping. I am drinkinking and can’t take the haters! Lol,” she replied, later saying it was Pinot Grigio she had been drinking. Smitheman, who posed nude in a few Playboy special-edition magazines more than a decade ago, did not post any nude images, although she did tweet a lingerie shot from Playboy and several new bikini pics.

For those of you who are ever inquisitive, you can find a fully nude picture of Smitheman at Yes, although her last name has an E in it, there is none in the link.

A far too modestly cropped version of the image appears here.

Gross’ “far too modestly cropped version” of the picture has since been taken down because it was not, in fact, modestly cropped at all. Jim Romenesko has a screenshot of the highly NSFW image, as well as a response from

We apologize for the production glitch that allowed an inappropriate photo to accompany this story earlier this morning. We have since removed the photo and are taking steps to ensure that this does not happen again.