Philly Anchor Brings Hope in ‘Be Encouraged’ Facebook Posts

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WPVI anchor Tamala Edwards is currently anchoring the ABC station’s morning show in Philadelphia from home.

Like other anchors working the morning shift from their living room, they know it can be quiet and can get lonely.

So Edwards, who says she often listens to pep talks from entrepreneurs like Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, started talking to her viewers.


She did one Facebook Live to start. That post led to another and soon she was posting daily “Be Encouraged” talks about everything and anything to lift people up during a time when many are down.

Each morning Edwards puts away her anchor persona for five minutes to talk about anything on her mind including her first TV job. She even did a mini-cooking segment to encourage people to find happiness in cooking during this pandemic.

“To all of you who have watched, commented and supported these posts, thank you. Getting to spend that time with you each day in this way has meant the world to me, and it’s everything when you tell me it’s helped you. Be Encouraged …”

Edwards does these posts daily, live, and then they are archived on her Facebook page.

Here is the anchor’s most recent video which discusses asking for help.