Philadelphia Anchor Shares How His Dog Helped Him Cope with Girlfriend’s Death

By Kevin Eck 

When Cara McCollum, a news anchor for SNJ Today in New Jersey, died in a car crash in February she left behind her boyfriend WCAU anchor Keith Jones and the dog they had adopted just weeks earlier.

Jones told Paw Culture that Charlie, the puppy he McCollum picked out together has helped him cope with the loss.

“Dogs are amazing,” said Jones. “They have this amazing sense and amazing ability to understand how you’re feeling before you even realize you’re feeling it.”

The two adopted the miniature Australian Shepherd when he was 10 weeks old. He’s now just over a year old and follows Jones everywhere.

“He’s like my shadow,” said Jones. “He makes me laugh at life a lot more. His whole world consists of, ‘When am I going to eat?’ and ‘How much can you play with me?’”

You can see pictures of the two together on Jones’ Instagram page. In fact Jones’ social media posts about Charlie to his being named 2016 spokesperson for The National Dog Show.

“It’s funny how it grew from Charlie just being my buddy, and now he’s famous and doesn’t even know it,” said Jones.