‘People think female newscasters have all this money to spend on clothes, they don’t’

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Females newscasters across the country are wearing the same Amazon dress.  And KXTV anchor-reporter, Frances Wang, created a montage showcasing how far the trend has traveled.

She’s calling it the Sisterhood of the Amazon Dress.

“People think newscasters have all this money to spend on clothes and they don’t,” the Sacramento anchor told TVSpy in an interview today.

She says the idea of buying a dress on Amazon started in 2015 by someone in a Facebook meteorologist group.

“It was when we first discovered Amazon had dresses.”

In the case of the dress gone viral, Wang says someone else in the group found the dress on Amazon, not her.  But when she posted a picture of herself wearing it and asked for others to do the same, she realized it was worth a collage.

“I just had this idea of showing it on a map.  Within a week women were posting from markets across the country.  I stalked them, found their markets and created the image,” Wang said.

Thanks to a colleague, Steve Leonardi, a production assistant at the Tegna-owned ABC affiliate and photoshop, the image was created.  That went viral too.  She says the TODAY Show, HLN and Yahoo picked it up.

“I’m going to give it a week or two and see who else posts a picture of themselves wearing it and update the map.”

Wang is from Sacramento and started at KXTV three years ago.  She has also started posting pictures of her work wardrobe using the hashtag #wangsworkwear on Instagram.