Pensacola Station Vows Not to Interrupt Championship

By Andrew Gauthier 


Jittery Alabama fans concerned that officials at the local ABC affiliate might prefer updates about wintery weather instead of Thursday’s BCS National Championship Game can rest easy.

The game is the programming priority.


Let’s just say Nick Saban will get better ratings than Old Man Winter.

Officials at WEAR TV, the Pensacola-based ABC affiliate that will broadcast Thursday’s BCS National Championship Game in Mobile and most of the Gulf Coast region, has no plans to break into programming to update viewers with news about winter weather.

WEAR News Director Kyle Brinkman said the station’s weather department predicts a 50 percent chance of precipitation on Thursday night, with the possibility of snow or sleet. But he said the chance of accumulation is low, and that the station breaks into programming only for “some kind of life-or-death situation.”

“There’s no need to cut into the football game to tell people, ‘Hey, it’s started to snow,’ or ‘Hey, it’s started to sleet,’ ” he said today in a phone interview. More…