Paula Zahn Set to Debut on Investigation Discovery

By Andrew Gauthier 


Investigation Discovery announced Monday the launch of its first investigative newsmagazine, “On the Case with Paula Zahn.” The new series will premiere October 18th, and marks Zahn’s return to primetime television since she resigned from CNN in the summer of 2007.

“On the Case” will feature unusual stories of disturbing crimes and unsolved mysteries, including victims, suspects, convicted criminals and their families. Each episode will include reporting from the field, and interviews, some of which will be exclusive, first-time television appearances for these figures.

Already scheduled is the survival story of Ashley Reeves. Reeves was involved with a teacher at her high school, Samson Shelton, who confessed to murdering Reeves and dumping her body in the woods. But she survived, after police found her alive after 35 hours in the woods.

Zahn has worked as a broadcast journalist for over 30 years. She has anchored shows on ABC, CBS, Fox News Channel , and most recently, American Morning with Paula Zahn on CNN.

“Paula Zahn’s journalistic expertise and passion for the truth resonate in this new series, which is dedicated to investigating fascinating stories of perseverance, courage and justice,” said Henry Schleiff, president and general manager of Investigation Discovery.