Parodies of Song from Disney Movie ‘Frozen’ Are the New Ice Desk

By Kevin Eck 

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Is the Polar Vortex relentlessly gnawing away at our collective good taste and dignity? Is singing a customized version of the song “Let it Go ” from Disney’s animated film “Frozen” the musical version of the Ice Desk?

You remember the wave of stations putting their anchors in harms way by making them broadcast from news desks made of ice to show how cold it was outside?

Last month, a traffic reporter at Cincinnati CBS affiliate WKRC did a “Let it Go” spoof for his traffic report. Since he’s always singing on his traffic reports anyway, it wasn’t too much a of a stretch.

But today, TVSpy learned that WTEN the ABC affiliate in Albany, NY, did a version of the song with its staff.

Also, via Hypervocal we learn Dan Ponce from Chicago CW affiliate WGN performed a version for the Windy City. Check it out after the jump.

Though the song has that “Against all odds, I’ve learned to walk again!” vibe, it doesn’t seem easy to sing. To paraphrase Nancy Kerrigan, “Why?” Why are local stations doing this to their viewers?

We asked WTEN and an ABC/Disney spokesperson if there’s a commercial tie-in. We haven’t heard back. WGN told us there’s no deal with Disney, they just thought it would be a fun Oscar tie-in since Ponce can actually sing.

While we wait for an answer from the other guys, please groove to the funky tune of Dan Ponce singing “Let it Go (Chicago)” for WGN.