Our Nation’s Newsrooms Have Accepted a New Social Media Challenge

By Kevin Eck 

It looks like stations across the U.S. have accepted the mannequin challenge, which involves people standing still while being recorded on video.

While TVSpy thinks its like having an electric lightbulb that mimics a candle, we have to say we lost our cynicism the first time we watched Denver’s KUSA do it. We didn’t want to like it. We wanted to be a grumpy old man, but it actually made us laugh.

Here’s the KUSA version:


KING in Seattle did one with a cell phone and vertical video, talk about rocking it old school.

TVSpy struggles with the definition of meta. Is this that? A station reporting about the challenge while doing the challenge?

San Diego’s KSWB was visited by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and there was a guy eating a cookie. Also funny.

Did your station do one? We’ll post it because it’s good for election stress.