Orlando Stations Compete for Viewers Online with Live Streaming Video of Casey Anthony Trial

By Andrew Gauthier 

Orlando’s ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox stations are all providing live streaming video of the Casey Anthony trial on their websites along with running commentary from courtroom reporters as well as viewers. Instead of flipping on Court TV as people would have in the 90s to watch live coverage of the O. J. Simpson trial, viewers can now keep tabs on the Anthony trial with a tab on their web browser.

Here’s a rundown of how each Orlando station is covering the trial live online…


NBC-affiliate WESH (Hearst)

Through the early days of the trial, WESH’s streaming video has been the most reliable, which can likely be attributed to the station’s use of a YouTube player (image above).
Next to the player, WESH has a live feed of updates (powered by ScribbleLIVE) from its news team, including Jeff Cousins, the managing editor of WESH.com, and  from the station’s trial-specific Twitter handles @caseyupdates and @judgeperrysays. WESH also has a 99-cent “Casey Anthony Updates” iPhone app available.

ABC-affiliate WFTV (Cox)

WFTV is using a live video player from Brightcove that has nearly matched the quality of WESH’s YouTube player. The Brightcove player allows WFTV to serve pre-roll ads every time a user presses play (WESH’s player is ad-free).
Below the video player, WFTV has live Twitter streams from the station’s designated Anthony account @CaseyAnthonyCh9 as well as veteran crime reporter Kathi Belich (@KBelichWFTV).

CBS-affiliate WKMG (Post-Newsweek)

WKMG is offering live streaming video on a Quicktime-based player that may require some users to download or update their browser’s video plug-in. Underneath the player, WKMG has embedded a CoverItLive comment stream where viewers can leave their thoughts and interact with other viewers.

Fox-affiliate WOFL (Fox)

WOFL, which is running its trial coverage using the domain caseyanthonymurdertrial.com, is streaming courtroom video using a Flash-based player from Akamai, which (like WKMG’s player) may require users to download or update their video software.
Like WKMG, WOFL’s accompanying commentary stream is dedicated to viewer opinion. WOFL is using Chatango, a free live chat service that allows websites to create public groups and embed a chat module. The Chatango stream offers users the ability to customize their commentary with different typeface styles and emoticons.