Orlando Market Reacts to Local People Meters

By Andrew Gauthier 

Orlando Sentinel

Earlier this year, the Orlando television market went through an extreme makeover in measuring ratings.

Local People Meters were introduced, and the reviews are decidedly mixed.

Nielsen Media Research, which does the measuring, extols the technology.

Orlando stations, which pay Nielsen, are critical customers.

“I look at them as a necessary evil. It’s the measure we’re forced to use,” said Skip Valet, general manager of WKMG-Channel 6. “I don’t think anyone across the country has been thrilled by the performance of the LPMs.”

Shawn Bartelt, general manager of WFTV-Channel 9 and WRDQ-Channel 27, said the transition was unusual because it coincided with the country’s move from analog to digital.

“It makes it crazier,” she said. “You’ve had so many people change out their sets or boxes or signing up for cable or satellite. That process played havoc with the sample.” More…