Orlando Anchor Makes Plea To Stop Violence

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel Comment

WFTV morning anchor, Nancy Alvarez, doesn’t regret getting emotional on the air during breaking news coverage of the workplace shooting in Orlando yesterday morning that left five people dead.

Alvarez was talking over ariel shots of the investigation when she went off the so-called script and said this:

“This kind of violence does not define us. It does not define Central Florida. It does not define Orlando. I am frankly sick of covering scenes like this where our officers have to arrive not knowing what they are getting into.”

But that wasn’t all.

Alvarez says the day took another emotional turn, while she was on air, when the morning anchor for the Cox-owned station got a text from a childhood friend saying she was looking for information, her father-in-law worked at the office. While Alvarez says at the time the station could only confirm that it was a workplace shooting, she offered to watch her friend’s son while the family went to the staging area.  They later received news that their family member was among the dead.

Alvarez posted a note documenting her untraditional day covering breaking news on her Facebook page.

Here is a clip from the newscast: