‘Oprah’ Designer to Get His Own Show

By Andrew Gauthier 

The New York Times

Oprah is leaving network television but her television progeny keep coming.

Harpo Productions, the producing arm of Ms. Winfrey’s television empire, will introduce, probably in the fall, the next Oprah-originated daytime talk host in Nate Berkus, the decorator and design expert who has been a staple on Ms. Winfrey’s show for the last six years.

The move comes only four weeks after Ms. Winfrey announced she intends to step away from daytime talk on broadcast television in 2011, starting a frenzy of speculation about potential replacements.

Harpo and Sony Pictures Television will announce on Wednesday that they are creating a show for Mr. Berkus and that they will begin to test interest from local television stations for a possible start of The Nate Berkus Show next September.

“Nate is a bona fide star,” said Erik Logan, one of the two presidents of Harpo Productions. More…