Oops! Chicago Anchor Gets Funny Reply After Texting Wrong Number

By Kevin Eck 

WGN morning anchor Larry Potash was having such a good time at an event honoring some station employees, he wanted his co-anchor Robin Baumgarten to know all about it.

Potash texted Baumgarten a picture of himself with his arm around WBBM anchor Roseanne Tellez and what he says were words you can’t say on TV.

Potash said he got a text back a couple days later saying, “Who n hell r u sending me photo of u n ur girl talking about (deleted) U got wrong damn number.” He got another text saying, “Don’t have a clue about mess u in. U wanna tell me though? U have a nice Mother’s Day.”


Apparently,the station thought it was funny. They let Potash write a story about it.

Here are screengrabs of the texts: