On the Morning Shift, How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

By Mark Joyella 

If you’ve ever tried to fall asleep at eight at night so you could be back at work by three a.m., you’ve probably experimented with your body’s tolerance for caffeine. Whether it’s brewed coffee or cans of Coke, your a.m. newsers are always seeming to push that how-much-will-keep-me-awake-and-functioning-without-killing-me envelope. And just this week, WSVN reporter Kevin Ozebek proudly shared his survival regimen in a video post on Facebook:

Viewers were quick to question the wisdom of ingesting hundreds of milligrams of caffeine. But facing a multi-hour block of reporting, anchoring or shooting liveshots, few morning show folks will admit to entirely resisting the urge to stay fully–and often overly–caffeinated.



And several of you admitted you’d found out your caffeine limit–the hard way.


I learned my limits in Miami, where Cuban coffee makes the rounds in newsrooms–and always draws and eager crowd. One cafecito: perfect. Two: pushing your luck. Three: you might need to go home.