Obama Campaign Manager to Appear on Fox News

By Andrew Gauthier 

Chicago Tribune

In the cause of a certain book’s promotion, it appears, a waiver is being granted in the White House’s war with FOX News.

That book is Obama campaign manager David Plouffe‘s “The Audacity to Win.”

President Barack Obama, whose election campaign is chronicled in Plouffe’s book, has cut FOX out of his own recent network news appearances, with White House aides dismissing FOX as an arm of the GOP. (Though a FOX executive dropped in at the West Wing last week to see about ironing some wrinkles out of the relationship.)

Yet, although author Plouffe made an appearance on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” over the weekend, where he spoke of the ” some of the irresponsibility coming out of that (FOX) network” and called it a “24-hour propaganda channel” for the McCain campaign, The Swamp has learned that Plouffe stands ready for some book promotion Thursday night on FOX’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”

For whatever complaints that Plouffe has about FOX, it appears, Van Susteren’s regular audience of about 2 million viewers – that was her average draw in October — is too much to resist in an inevitable book promotional tour of the networks. More…