NYC Stations Go Live For Bloomberg Press Conference on Hurricane Sandy

By Merrill Knox 

As you may have heard, Hurricane Sandy is taking aim at the Eastern Seaboard and has the potential to merge with a strong cold front coming in from the west, putting the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions in danger of being hit by a “superstorm” (or a “Frankenstorm,” depending on how much you want to get into the Halloween spirit) next week.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a Friday afternoon press conference on the threat, calling Sandy a “large, unpredictable” storm and warning residents to be prepared. The five New York City stations all broke into their respective afternoon programming — “Dr. Phil” on WCBS, “Katie” on WABC, “Steve Harvey” on WNBC, “The People’s Court” on WNYW and “Maury” on WPIX — to broadcast the press conference. 

Maurice DuBois anchored on WCBS. On WNBC, anchor Tom Llamas was joined by newly-minted meteorologist Steve Villanueva. Diana Williams anchored on WABC, Ernie Anastos on WNYW and Howard Thompson on WPIX.


As of now, the storm is projected to arrive in New York Monday. TVSpy hears that staffers at New York local stations are already being called in to work for Sunday. If you’re working this weekend, revist some of the hurricane coverage tips TVSpy collected last year.