NY Stations Interrupt AM Shows to Cover Brooklyn Train Derailment

By Kevin Eck 

New York’s local stations were quick to let viewers know about the Long Island Railroad train derailment at the Barclays Center Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn this morning around 8:30.

As of this writing, WABC reports more than 100 people have been injured. “The train went up and over the block; the impact knocked the wheels of the first car and one other axel off the rails,” MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast told WNBC.

ABC owned station WABC broke into Good Morning America at 8:40, anchor Ken Rosato reported 12-18 minor injuries. Reporter NJ Burkett, who was on the platform and live by phone, said it looked like the train wasn’t able to stop and hit the station.


Burkett then handed the phone to a passenger who said she was in the front of the second car and felt the brakes engage as they approached the station just before the train hit something. She told viewers, “People were falling on top of each other.”

CBS-owned station WCBS broke in at 8:46 with Mary Calvi and Brian Conybeare who reported up to 20 people were injured. The station aired still pictures from social media showing the scene and then went live to a camera shot outside the terminal showing firefighters.

NBC-owned station WNBC broke into the Today Show at 8:43 with Darlene Rodriguez for a short update on the situation before returning to Today. The station came back at 8:49 with Michael Gargiulo joining Rodriguez. The pair tossed to live video inside the Terminal. Reporter Marc Santia was on scene and had a live interview with a passenger who told viewers that all of a sudden there was a “big boom!’ that threw the passengers out of their seats.

Fox-owned WNYW reported the story during Good Day at 8:46. Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly went quickly to a passenger on the phone who echoed what other passengers were saying. He added it looked like passengers in the front of the train got the worst of it and that the train didn’t seem to be going faster than usual.

Tribune’s WPIX came back from break during its morning show at 8:43. The station had a live shot across the street from the Barclays Center with Sukanya Krishnan and Scott Stanford anchoring back at the studio. The two told viewers a crew was on route to the scene.

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