Nurse Says CEO of West Virginia Station Group was ‘Grossly Reckless’ During Insurance Exam

By Kevin Eck 

WVMediaThe Charleston Daily Mail reports a registered nurse is suing the CEO of West Virginia Media Holdings, parent company of TV stations in West Virginia and Ohio, over claims he left her with post traumatic stress disorder after an insurance physical.

Melinda Heiss says she went to the Huntington, WV, CBS affiliate WOWK to perform a physical on Bray Cary, Jr. because he was buying life insurance. Heiss says Cary became “very hostile and belligerent” towards her when she started asking questions during the physical.

Heiss claims Cary twice pulled hair out of her head while grabbing her phone away from her. She also said he used an office rather than a restroom to pee into his urine sample cup and came out of the office with his pants unzipped.


Heiss said he was “very rude and insulting” when he gave her the sample. The lawsuit claims Cary’s conduct during the examination was “willful, wanton, grossly reckless and indifferent to its effects” on Heiss and was “rude, crude, belligerent, insulting, provoking” and caused the woman to fear for her safety.

Heiss alleges the entire ordeal caused her to suffer severe emotional distress, so much so that she quit her job “because she was no longer able to perform her duties as a registered nurse.” She also claims that a psychiatrist diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Heiss claims the ordeal left her despondent and depressed, unable to perform ordinary household chores at her home.

Her husband, George Heiss, claims that the ordeal’s effect on his wife caused a “loss of consortium” between them. He said he first experienced great anger toward Cary and then great sadness because of his wife’s continued suffering.

The lawsuit claims that West Virginia Media Holdings is liable because the incident took place in the offices of WOWK-TV, a subsidiary of the company, and because the company had a duty to implement policies and procedures for dealing with visitors.

Heiss, represented by Charleston attorneys Mike Clifford and Ed ReBrook, is seeking damages for her injuries and punitive damages. She has demanded a jury trial.

Cary has 20 days to respond to the lawsuit’s claims; West Virginia Media has 30 days to respond.

TVSpy has asked Cary for comment. We will update when we hear back.