North Carolina Sports Reporter Gets Married in Las Vegas Taco Bell

By Kevin Eck 

Not many marriage ceremonies start with the very punny “Dearly bean-lov-ed, we are gathered here tonight to join Clara and Kevan in holy guacamole.”

But for WGHP sports reporter Clara Goodwin, it lacked the cringe factor because her wedding was taking place in a Las Vegas Taco Bell.

The High Point, N.C, Fox affiliate wrote it up and said the groom wore a hot sauce bow tie and Goodwin had a hot sauce garter.


“Guests sipped Baha Blast margaritas while munching on a cake made of Cinnabon Delights,” said WGHP. “Taco Bell even provided unlimited food and drink.”

“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, did you meet at Taco Bell or do you love Taco Bell?’” said Goodwin, who got the idea from TikTok. “No, not really. We eat it the normal amount that anyone does.”

Her colleague, sports anchor Kevin Connolly also attended.

“I think it meant a lot to both of us,” Clara said of having Connolly with her at the wedding. “We’ve grown so close when we’re here. I went to Thanksgiving at his house—and so it was really cool to have him be a part of that.”