No, WPVI Meteorologist Cecily Tynan is Not Under House Arrest

By Kevin Eck 

WPVI meteorologist Cecily Tynan had to go on Facebook to dispel any rumors she’s broken the law.

Tynan wears her IFB box around her ankle so she can stay mobile on set. Some viewers noticed it in a wide shot and thought it was an ankle monitor used for someone under house arrest, so they went on social media to tell the world WPVI has an outlaw for a meteorologist. She’s not and they don’t.

“This is making the social media rounds again!” wrote Tynan. “What you see strapped to my ankle is an IFB box. My earpiece plugs into it producers can talk to me without being heard over the air.”


Philly Voice reports this isn’t the first time it’s happened, and showed tweets from January 2014, August 2015, May 2015 and one from a month ago.