Nielsen: Only 1.5% Of TV Households Now Unready For Digital

By Andrew Gauthier 

Since the June 12 switch to digital television, more than 800,000 homes have readied themselves to receive digital broadcasts. As 400,000 new homes upgraded in the last week, this now leaves only 1.7 million, or 1.5%, of U.S. homes classified as “completely unready” for digital TV.

According to Mediaweek, many unready households are still receiving some form of digital signal…
Not all unready households are completely in the dark; in fact 60 percent of unready households receive at least one low-power or foreign station (from Mexico and Canada). On average, homes that can receive low-power TV stations have 3.5 station signals available to them.

African-American TV households are the least prepared with 3.5 percent completely ready, followed by Hispanics at 2.3 percent. Only 1.1 percent of white TV households are completely unready. Full report…