News Director Reportedly Out at Milwaukee Station

By Kevin Eck 

Genie Garner, news director for WDJT in Milwaukee is reportedly out at the station.

Duane Dudek reports staffers at the Milwaukee CBS affiliate learned about the move Monday.

Her firing came after the station’s 10 p.m. newscast moved up to third place during the February sweeps, after having been in fourth place 22 times since February of 2010.


The station underwent a certain amount of turmoil during Garner’s tenure.

In 2013 the Weigel Broadcast Co.-owned station was hit with a bias complaint by Carlos Vergara who alleged he was passed over for promotion in favor of Anglo anchors.

His complaint alleged hat Garner referred to the Hispanic community as “illegal aliens.” Another staffer filed a gender based bias complaint at about the same time.

In January of this year the station demoted veteran 10 p.m. anchor Paul Piaskoski to weekends.

Before joining WDJT in 2012, Garner was ND at KITV in Honolulu, Hawaii.